The Water Pump Shop providing water pumps for all applications. We can help you whether you need a pump for the house or garden, to pump clean, dirty or sewage water. For drainage, water supply or pressure boosting we have the pump solutions for you.  


Low Water Pressure

Water Authority byelaws prevent a pump being connected directly to the mains supply, so when mains supply pressure needs a boost a break tank must be incorporated into the system.

Our all in one box solution is designed to solve this problem providing a fully automatic submersible pump and tank unit able to boost pressure for cold water supplies, high pressure hot water systems or combi boilers.


Electronic Variable Speed Pump Controller.

Sirio is an electronic device based on inverter technology that maintains constant system pressure by regulating the starting and speed of the pump.

Inverter technology modulates the frequency (Hz) of the current to the motor which changes the speed (rpm) to suit the water demand from the system. This means that water is delivered to the user at a constant pressure and the motor power consumption is always in proportion to the system demand, saving energy.


Eco-X Pond Pumps

Fountain, pond and filter pumps

Our range of German built Messner pumps are of the highest quality available and includes versions suitable for fountains, waterfalls and features, and filter systems.


The TOP series of clear water drainage pumps is recommended for emergency draining of small flooded areas, rooms, cellars, garages, the disposal of waste water in the home and for emptying drainage traps.


Pump Advice